Let’s get KRAKEN with RinCon!

Ahoy there, gamers!

Six bells and all’s well!  If you haven’t gotten your ticket for RinCon 2023 yet, now is your last chance for our lower online pricing.  Online sales close at 11:59 PM tomorrow (Sunday, June 18).  Of course we’ll have tickets available at the event, but it’ll cost you a few more doubloons ($75 for a full-weekend ticket, $30 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, and $25 for Sunday).

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… over to our scheduling website!  There you can see the bounty of games and special events that we have in store for you!  Unlike in previous years, we will not be closing the site at all.  You’ll be able to sign up to play games throughout the event at rincon2023.sched.com, and you’ll check in at the beginning of each session when you sit down to play.  If you haven’t set up your account on sched.com yet, please be sure that you use the same email address you used to purchase your RinCon ticket.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to build your schedule.

We may have closed the submissions for hosting games at RinCon, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t round up your crew, grab a table in our open gaming section, and play whatever floats your boat – an RPG or board game you’ve brought with you from your treasure trove of games, or something from our library or the Play-to-Win section.

We’ll be sending out further information for GMs/game hosts and attendees in a few days, including maps and information on parking, registration and game session procedures, and onsite casino amenities.  So keep a weather eye on your inbox!

Clear skies and fair winds to you, and we’ll see you soon!

–RinCon Staff