RinCon 2024

It’s time for another fundraiser for RinCon 2024 at MOD PIZZA on Sunday 4/14

This time we have multiple locations where you can buy food from Mod to support SAGA. If you want to play games, visit us at the Wilmot Plaza location. All the information is here!

RinCon: June 23-25, 2023

So, we’ve packed up the game pieces, stashed the dice, and all headed back to our respectJive gamer lairs after a weekend of fun, friendship, and frivolity at RinCon 2023. After a few days of recharging after such a packed event, we hope that everyone is looking back at great memories from the convention. And please know that RinCon truly is *your* event. From the board members to the volunteers, from the financial supporters to the exhibitors, from the game hosts to the attendees, we’re all part of the amazing tabletop games community here in southern AZ. For everything that everyone does to help build that community, we thank you. So keep an eye on our social media and your inbox; we’ll be sending around information about what’s going on next with the Southern AZ Gamers’ Association (SAGA). You’ll also see a link below to a questionnaire for feedback about RinCon 2023 – please take a few minutes to fill it out. Let us know about all aspects of your experience, from the phenomenal to the things we can do better in the future. We’re already starting to plot and scheme for next year’s convention…


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