Dates, Deadlines, & Links

Ahoy there, gamers! We’ve got a bunch of announcements to make, so listen up!
Sunday, April 23rd: Fundraiser Family Game Day 10 AM – 10 PM 
Casino Del Sol Conference Center (5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson AZ)

Bring your friends and family to see our new location and get some games in!  We’ll have a collection of board games to borrow, and some tables for RPGs if you want to run a scenario. We’ll also bring our Artemis spaceship bridge simulator computer game – missions will blast off all day long!  Follow signs off Valencia Road to the resort garage; you can park there for free.  Enter the casino lobby, and the conference center will be on your left.
Sunday, April 23rd (part of the fundraiser game day)
Premier RPG Fundraiser: DCC Experiment for Charity  12 PM – 3 PM

Check out the first in this year’s series of premier role-playing sessions!  It will be run remotely by Goodman Games’ Brendan LaSalle, GM extraordinaire and perennial RinCon luminary. Purchase your ticket here.  Funds raised by this special session will all be donated to the Indie Game Developer Network’s Diversity Sponsorship, which supports a variety of programs in the realm of tabletop gaming that bring the voices of underrepresented minorities to the forefront around the world. The event will include all kinds of extras, including an exclusive swag bag and refreshments.  A word from Brendan: “Some of the world’s greatest stories are told exactly one time by people with dice in their hands. This could be one of those times! Bring your imaginations and your hot dice! This is an experimental adventure with extra-narrative story structure elements. The players will help form the world and the adventure, creating a once-ever shared story event.”
Saturday, May 20th:  Fundraiser Family Game Day 10 AM – 10 PM
Casino Del Sol Conference Center (5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson AZ)

We’re still finalizing details for our special programming, but we’ll be highlighting games with this year’s nautical/aquatical theme.  If you’ve got any ideas for something you’d like to show off, contact us here.
Important deadlines:
5/21 Last day for early registration; after this date, ticket price goes up to $65 
5/28 Last day for GM discount; games submitted after this date will be put into the schedule, but GM discount will not apply
6/4 Last day to submit games; after this date, we cannot guarantee that the game will be published in our schedule
6/5 Online game sign-ups open
6/18 Online ticket sales close
June 23-25: See you at RinCon!

Run a game at RinCon23: The link is now open to sign up to run games!  Each 4 hours of games gets you a free badge for that day, or present 12 hours of programming for a full free badge for yourself (or someone else).
Volunteer: All hands on deck!  We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities, both before and during the main event.  Every 4 hours of volunteer work gets you a free one-day badge, 12 hours gets you a weekend pass.  RinCon is a community-based, volunteer-run convention – it can’t happen without you!
Buy a ticket: Sales are now open for both RinCon tickets and food/beverage vouchers for the weekend of RinCon, good at all the restaurants and bars on the entire property.  You pay only $30 for a $50 voucher!
Reserve a hotel room: Here are the instructions for making reservations at either of the Casino Del Sol hotel towers.  If you’re reserving for any nights other than Friday or Saturday, you’ll need to use the phone reservation process.  Just be sure to mention the RinCon block to access our special rates and get the additional benefits.
Tell us what you think: We’ve got a Comments/Suggestions form up and running – as we plan our event in the new space, please let us know what’s important to you.

Get ready to dive into a sea of games, and let’s get KRAKEN with RinCon!  

–RinCon Staff