Details for RinCon 2022

First off, the words you’ve all been waiting for: THERE WILL BE A RINCON 2022!  The RinCon board would like to extend our gratitude for your patience over the past year.  We went through many rounds of trying to secure an event site that would allow us to run a convention big enough to invite all of you amazing gamers without raising our admission prices by 250% or having the hotel room rates climb above $250/night.  But hotels, as part of the service industry, are reeling from the effects of (*gestures vaguely in all directions*) everything over the past two years, and are not able to work with smaller organizations and smaller budgets in the same way that they traditionally have.  RinCon is going to look a bit different from previous years, but we’re really excited about the opportunities this new format allows.  *drumroll*  RinCon 2022 will be Labor Day weekend (September 2-5), and we’re teaming up with Tucson Comic-Con!  

So, what is it going to look like?  Our two organizations will be collaboratively bringing pop culture and gaming content to all!  RinCon will be providing the scheduled and open tabletop gaming at Tucson Comic-Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 6PM at the Tucson Convention Center.  There will be online sign-ups for game sessions just like in previous years of RinCon.  We’ll also have our usual range of special events and panels featured in the Comic-Con programming tracks.  Then, every evening after Comic-Con winds down, we’ll keep the dice rolling with special events and more scheduled and open gaming at the Ramada by Wyndham at 777 West Cushing Street (easy 10-minute walk door to door from the convention center, or one streetcar stop away).  And, to make things even more fun, every evening’s festivities will include a full dinner in the event price.  But wait, there’s more!  On Monday, after Comic-Con is over, we’ll have another full day of RinCon programming at the Ramada.  FOUR DAYS OF GAMING!!!

FAQ (frequently anticipated questions)

How will ticketing work?  To play during the day on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, buy a ticket to Comic-Con.  This will give you access to not only a whole floor of gaming, but all the awesomeness of Comic-Con, including the vendor floor and all their programming.  The RinCon evening dinner events will each be ticketed separately, as will the Monday full-day pass.  We will also offer a package deal if you want to attend all the RinCon events.

Can I still get discounted/free tickets for running games?  Absolutely!  Games you run during Comic-Con will count towards discounts on those tickets, and games you run during the evening/Monday times count towards RinCon tickets.  We will open up our forms for games submissions soon, so start thinking about what you want to run, and keep an eye out for our announcements.

What about the Super-Pre-Registration tickets I bought at the end of RinCon 2019?  The amount you paid in 2019 will be applied towards the purchase price of RinCon tickets only.  The Comic-Con ticketing system is completely separate from ours, so unfortunately we aren’t able to transfer the credit across.

When should I get my Tucson Comic-Con tickets?  You should buy them NOW!  Their Super Early Bird pricing ($30 for the full 3 days) opened recently, and is only available until May 8th.

When can I get my RinCon tickets?  The plans with Tucson Comic-Con have come together extremely rapidly over the past couple of weeks, and we are still working out the final details of our own pricing, meals, etc.  We will have them available very soon on our website, and will offer our own early-bird pricing at that time.  Stay tuned!

What about hotel reservations?  We have secured a block of rooms at the Ramada by Wyndham (same place as our programming) for $75/night ($88.04 with all taxes and fees), including American breakfast buffet and, importantly, free parking!  This will save you at least $30 if you will be attending Comic-Con – you can use that money to buy your Comic-Con ticket, or some RinCon dinner party goodness!  Call 520-239-2300 for reservations, and be sure to ask for the RinCon Games rate.

I’m so excited that RinCon is happening this year – how can I help make it awesome?  We are, as ever, a not-for-profit, community-run event.  There are many ways to get involved, from taking on one of several open positions within the convention organization, to volunteering before or during the event, to running games, to helping set up and break down, to just spreading the word far and wide that RINCON IS BACK!!!  If you’d like to get involved in any capacity, or just have questions about what that would look like, please email and we’ll find a way for you to help out.  We can’t do what we do without the gaming community coming together and pitching in – RinCon is, and always has been, *your* event.Once again, thank you for hanging in there while we worked through the chaotic process of finding a way for us all to get together around the gaming table again.  Let’s make this a great event together!