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The date is October 10-12, 2014, and the place is Tucson, Arizona. The event is RinCon - Southern Arizona's premier tabletop gaming convention. From board games to RPGs, CCGs to Minis, you won't have to solve a mystery to play your favorite games or discover new ones. Want to raise the stakes? Run a game and recruit some henchmen (players) of your own. Between games, find a deal with one of our vendors or get the scoop from our special guests in our panels.

Open Gaming, Raffles, Board Game Library

Special Event: Family Game Day!
Kid Friendly Area and Game Selection (Age 7+)
(Supervising adult must be on site.)

  • When: Saturday, July 19th 10am - 10pm
  • Where: Holiday Inn & Suites 4550 S Palo Verde Rd

$5 to play all day.


Run a game

  • 6/1/14: Rincon GM pre-registration opens
  • 8/1/14: End GM discount for running games
  • 9/14/14: Last day to schedule a game in the program


  • 7/19/14: Rincon pre-registration opens ($5 discount if registering at the Fundraiser)
  • 8/20/14: Game registration starts on sched.org
  • 10/1/14: pre-registration ends

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