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Friday September 30, 12:00 – Sunday October 2, 6:00

Steampunks in Tucson!

The theme this year is steampunk, so calling all corsetry and chapeaus, get out your goggles and gears, and dust off your dirigibles! Come in your best steampunk cosplay, or learn how to ‘punk it up at a workshop. Of course, we’ll also have our outstanding lineup of panels, tournaments, special programming, boardgames, RPGs, and a newly increased range of miniatures games. In addition, this year we’re introducing our Kids’ Track programming for gamers 6 and up. So, bring the whole family and enjoy a weekend of gaming, camaraderie, and spectacle! Registration opens July 16th. And don’t forget to volunteer or run a game to receive discounts on your con membership price!

Special Guests:

  • John Wick (7th Sea)
  • Ben Woerner (World of Dew)
  • Sean Patrick Fannon (Evil Beagle Games)
  • Ross Watson (Warhammer 40000 Roleplay)
  • James Ernest (Cheapass Games)
  • Andy Looney (Looney Labs)
  • Seth Jaffee (Tasty Minstrel Games)
  • Madame Askew (Entertainer)
  • Panel Moderator Mark McLemore (host of Arizona Spotlight, Reporter/Producer, NPR 89.1)


Register for RinCon! (Registration opens on July 16th!)

Volunteer at RinCon: We need you! Volunteer for 4 hours at the event, and the rest of that day you get in free. We also need logistical help prior to the convention, contact us to talk about how to get involved and get a free or reduced-cost membership.

Run a game at RinCon: Events submitted between June 1st and August 1st are eligible for a GM discount code. Every 4-hour block of programming for a minimum of 4 attendees is eligible for a 25% discount on the cost of a RinCon pre-registration membership.

Reserve a room at the hotel: Economical block rate available – please use this link to register, so that we get credit for the rooms in our block.

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