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Don't miss out on a minute of gaming - maximize your weekend by staying on site! Be sure to use Rincon block code SAG when making your reservation to ensure you get the bast deal! For just $83/night (plus tax) you can stay up late, get in early, and get the most out of your Rincon experience!

CLICK HERE to reserve a room for Rincon!

The date is October 10-12, 2014, and the place is Tucson, Arizona. The event is RinCon - Southern Arizona's premier tabletop gaming convention. From board games to RPGs, CCGs to Minis, you won't have to solve a mystery to play your favorite games or discover new ones. Want to raise the stakes? Run a game and recruit some henchmen (players) of your own. Between games, find a deal with one of our vendors or get the scoop from our special guests in our panels.


Game sign-ups have begun, It's time to to think about what games you want to play! Rincon 2014 Schedule of Games

If the Role Playing game you want to join is full on the schedule, never fear! We have reserved space in each RPG for walk-ups, so you may still be able to get into the game at the con. (Note: this is for RPGs only, not board games).

Important: Since we have so few slots for each game, PLEASE refrain from double booking yourself!

Don't forget to book your hotel room using block code SAG to get the group discount!


Run a game

  • 6/1/14: Rincon GM pre-registration opens
  • 8/1/14: End GM discount for running games
  • 9/14/14: Last day to schedule a game in the program



  • 7/19/14: Rincon pre-registration opens ($5 discount if registering at the Fundraiser)
  • 8/20/14: Game registration starts on sched.org
  • 9/30/14: Pre-registration ends

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