• CowboyCheyenne

Friday October 4th, 2019 - Sunday October 6th, 2019

Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites
5151 East Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712

The theme this year is Wild West! Run with it as you will, mix in Steampunk, Cthulhu, etc. Come in cosplay, run a themed game, paint a mini. Of course, we’ll also have our outstanding lineup of tournaments, special programming, boardgames, RPGs, and miniatures games, as well as our Kids’ Track programming for gamers 6 and up. So, bring the whole family and enjoy a weekend of gaming, camaraderie, and spectacle!

On Site Registration

  • $50 Full Weekend
  • $20 Friday
  • $25 Saturday
  • $15 Sunday
  • $25 Kids' Track Full Weekend
  • $10 Kids' Track Friday
  • $15 Kids' Track Saturday
  • $10 Kids' Track Sunday

Special Guests

  • RPG Guest of Honor: Shane Hensley (Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Cheyenne Wright (Hugo award-winning artist and illustrator)
  • BG Guest of Honor: Gloryhoundd (of GloryHoundd Presents...)
  • Media Guest of Honor: Jim Davis and Jonathan Pruitt (Web DM YouTube channel)
  • Mark Diaz Truman (ENnie-winning founder of Magpie Games)
  • James Ernest (Origins Award-winning founder of Cheapass Games)
  • Brendan LaSalle (DCC, Mutant X-Crawl, GM extraordinaire)
  • David Short (dshortdesign: Automobiles, Scorpius Freighter)
  • John Wick (L5R, 7th Sea, founder of John Wick Presents...)
  • Ben Woerner (Warhammer 40K, World of Dew, 7th Sea, Nighty Knights)

Special Programming

  • AZ Envoy State Champion Boardgame Tournaments: Win a seat at the regional championships!
  • Charity Improv RPG: Support the IGDN scholarship fund to get new indie games to market
  • Play-to-Win games: Try a new game, go home with a copy - what could be better?
  • GMs' Conference: Presentations on the finer points of GM-ing from local experts and industry stars
  • Indie RPG Arcade: Get in on a session of some of the hottest small press RPGs
  • LARPs: Try a murder mystery, a White Wolf scenario, or professional wrestling
  • Women's Space: Learn to play games from other women*. An inclusive safe space.
  • Giant games: Life-size versions of classics and recent hotness
  • Panels, workshops, game sessions - so many ways to interact with specal guests
  • Mega-Roll'n'Write: Play "Welcome To..." with as many gamers as we can fit in the theater!
  • Free food: Midnight Eegee's party on Friday, Midnight pizza party on Saturday
  • Vendor area, raffles all weekend long, special event prizes


Register for RinCon2019:

Volunteer at RinCon: We need logistical help prior to the convention, contact us to talk about how to get involved and get a free or reduced-cost membership. Volunteer for 4 hours at the event, and the rest of that day you get in free.

Run A Game at RinCon: Help make RinCon great and run the games that you want to see at the con. Submit games by August 10th to qualify for a GM Discount on your weekend pass.

Reserve a hotel room: This link gives you access to the RinCon room block prices. If for any reason you make a reservation in another manner, please be sure it gets associated with our block so that we get credit for it.

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