Double Exposure Envoy

RinCon is pleased to be featuring a brand new Play-to-Win (PTW) section in the Game Library this year. An extra special thank you to Double Exposure and in turn to all of their partner publishers. We couldn't offer this without their generosity. The currently available titles are listed below, we may have more!

You can check out one PTW title at a time from the Game Library. When you return the game each convention attendee that played the game will be entered in a raffle to win that game. It's as simple as that! Limit one entry, per attendee, per game.

We will hold our Play-to-Win raffle at noon Sunday. Two win maximum per attendee.

Stronghold Games

  • Paper Tales
  • Dungeon Rush
  • The Bottle Imp
  • MemoArrr!

Smirk & Dagger Games

  • Nut So Fast

Grandpa Beck's Games

  • Skull King
  • Cover Your Assets
  • The Bears and the Bees

Bezier Games

  • Subdivision

Thames & Kosmos

  • Dimension
  • Drop It
  • Brutal Kingdom
  • Word Slam

Breaking Games

  • Sparkle*Kitty
  • Asking for Trobils

Grail Games

  • Jeju Island

Mayday Games

  • Bad Doctor
  • Poetry Slam
  • Cahoots
  • Viceroy

Shades of Vengeance

  • Champion of Earth
  • Evil Overlord


  • Echidna Shuffle
  • A Fistful of Penguins


  • Smash Up (Base Game)
  • Istanbul Dice

Cheeky Parrot Games

  • Hoard

Gorilla Games

  • Palaces

Jellybean Games

  • The Lady and the Tiger

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