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Saturday, July 29th, 10AM - 10PM

Sheraton Hotel and Suites

5151 E. Grant Road

Calling all superheroes - help us make RinCon EPIC!!! $5/+up suggested donation

Come for a day of gaming with friends and family, participate in special pre-con events, and win fantastic prizes at our raffles, including a 2-night hotel stay for RinCon 2017! GM's discount for RinCon registration closes after this date, so get your game and event submissions in. And, as if all that weren't enough, this will be the date RinCon pre-registration opens, so you can purchase your ticket at the discounted cost!

Special events, kicking off the superheroes theme for RinCon2017:

  • Open board gaming from our lending library
  • Kids' games with superhero themes, including Rhino Hero and Numbers League
  • Minis demos and games, including HeroClix
  • RPG "Long Con" event: The system will be Masks: Powered by Apocalypse World. 3 tables of up to 5 people each, with concurrent action taking place over two sessions, 11:00-3:00 and 5:00-9:00, drop-in/drop-out fine. Set in Halcyon City, teenaged superheroes battle evil villains, and figure out who they are and want to be along the way. Creates stories like Teen Titan, Young Justice, and X-Men. Sign-up sheets at the registration desk.
  • RPG with RinCon special guest Todd Van Hooser: Laughing Moon Presents: Wheelhouse. Wheelhouse is a post-apocalyptic fantasy role-playing game set thousands of years after a cataclysmic event shattered the world of Mythren. A broken moon grins in the sky and the shadow of an ominous tower now looms over the last vestiges of civilization known as the Twelve Towns. Players awaken a character imbued with the consciousness of a long-dead hero. As a group, the characters are sent beyond the peaceful Twelve Towns and into the devastated "out-world" to serve a singular purpose given to them by the Wheelhouse. A gigantic and mysterious structure, the Wheelhouse is a lynch-pin tower that stands as the last link to the ancient world that was. This purpose drives the characters to act, but deep within is a greater need to discover who they were, who they are, and who they may yet be. Session is 12:00-4:00, signups at the registration desk.

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