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People who run a "Prepared Event" in a 4hr slot for at least 4 players (including themselves) will receive 4 Rincoins. This counts Prepared RPGs, boardgame tournaments, CCG tournaments, and Minis tournaments.

A "Prepared" event is one that requires up-front preparation and planning. This does not include one-off games where "running the event" simply means teaching the game and then playing for the whole time. So someone running Railroad Tycoon or Fiasco would not get Rincoins, while someone running a Ticket to Ride tournament or a Pathfinder RPG would.


For every 4 players (or part thereof) in an event of this nature, 1 Rincoin will be added to the prize pool. For example, a 6 player prepared RPG that runs in a 4 hour slot would have 2 Rincoins as prize pool. A 16 player Settlers of Catan tournament would have 4 Rincoins as prize pool. This prize pool is to be distributed to the players, NOT to be kept by the GM of the event.


  1. Rincoins may be accepted at vendor booths as $1 toward a purchase at the discretion of the vendors.
  2. Rincoins may be redeemed for raffle tickets at the Registration desk on a 1 for 1 basis. Raffle tickets are good for the regular prize drawings that will be happening all con long.
  3. Rincoins may be used in combination with super-preregistration for Rincon 2017! The super-prereg (SPR) price is $40, less $2 per Rincoin (in other words, Rincoins are worth $2 toward next year's badge when used this way).

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