Here's the scoop:

1. We absolutely welcome kids 6 and over to come and play games with us at RinCon, and want parents to get to do the same, with or without their mini-gamers by their side at every moment. :-) Our desire is to welcome the next generation of gamers, at the same time as allowing their parents to have some time to play games that would be too long or complex for their kids, or just not to their tastes.

2. In order to do this in a way that doesn't disrupt the gaming experience of other con attendees, we created the Kids' Track room and associated ticket prices, with separate programming in a separate space. The games being hosted there are tailored to younger players, and there are also some crafts-based events scattered through the weekend. For safety and logistical reasons, at least two adults are scheduled to be present in the room at all times.

3. Younger gamers (ages 6-12) who have Kids' Track tickets can also participate in events on our regular gaming floor, under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian, the same as in previous years. This means that the adult does have to either be signed up to play in the same game, or physically with their child throughout the event. We recognize that many of the next generation of gamers are excellent and courteous players who are a joy to sit across the table from, and we applaud you all for raising the next awesome generation of hobbyists, but for reasons of liability and crowd control, we do need to have parents/guardians present.

4. A child over 12 years of age needs to have a regular ticket, but may certainly participate in Kids' Track programming if an event there catches their eye.

The co-op program for Kids' Track gamers works as follows: A parent who wishes to participate in the drop-off program (where their child(ren) stay in the Kids' Track room while they go back to the main gaming floor) needs to sign up for two hours of volunteer time in the Kids' Track room at some point during the weekend. This may include signing up to play in a game along with their child, or signing up to run a game in the Kids' Track room, with the understanding that they are there to help with crowd control as well as enjoying themselves with their kiddo.

In short, we want you to bring your mini-gamers!!! It's a joy to watch their minds assimilate strategic play or learn to interact in character with a GM's creation, and we want to foster this. On behalf of the all-volunteer staff of RinCon, we look forward to seeing you there!

RinCon Kid's Track!

In addition to all the usual fun at our July Fundraiser, we featured our Kids Track programming with a separate space and a set gaming schedule for kid- and family-friendly games as well as other activities. All the kids who came seemed to have a great time!

The Kids Track room at RinCon will be open during most of the daytime hours over the course of the weekend. There are already a variety of kids activities scheduled for the Kids Track including board games, dexterity games, RPGs, movies and crafts. If you are interested in helping introduce the next generation of gamers to the Con experience please consider signing up to run your favorite kid-friendly game or activity. Remember Kids' Track programming counts double for the GM discount (ending 8/1).

But wait, there's more! We have even bigger plans for the Kids' Track at RinCon! In addition to the separate space and scheduled programming, we are introducing a co-op drop-off program. That's right, your can drop your mini-gamer (ages 6-12) off to enjoy activities especially for them while you go enjoy that game you never get to play! Please note that at least one Parent/Guardian is required to stay on the Hotel premises anytime they have a child participating in the co-op drop-off program.

For everyone's safety, the Kids Track room will be scheduled with a minimum of two adult supervisors at all times. Families utilizing the Kids' Track co-op drop-off program agree to provide one adult as a Kids' Track supervisor for a minimum amount of time during the weekend as follows: one child requires two 1-hour blocks, plus one additional 1-hour block for each additional child. Co-op requirement cannot be combined with programming scheduled for the GM discount.

If you are interested in bringing your child(ren) to Rincon to enjoy the new Kids Track, please register early to help us best determine the amount of space necessary for the Kids Track. Capacity restrictions may limit the number of walk-up registrations admitted into the Kids Track area.

Pricing: Age 13 and up - Regular Rincon badges

Ages 6-12 - Preregistration price of $25* for the whole weekend. Single day prices also available. *Children with a Kids Track badge are expected to be under the direct supervision of their Parent/Guardian unless enrolled in the Kids Track co-op drop-off program. **Parent Volunteer time also required to utilize the Kids Track co-op drop-off program.

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