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Friday September 28th, 2018 - Sunday September 30th, 2018

Here Be Dragons!

Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites
5151 East Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712

The theme this year is dragons, so get ready for epic adventures! Come in your best dragon themed cosplay, run a themed game, paint a dragon, or bring your hero to defeat the dragon. Of course, we’ll also have our outstanding lineup of tournaments, special programming, boardgames, RPGs, and miniatures games, as well as our Kids’ Track programming for gamers 6 and up. So, bring the whole family and enjoy a weekend of gaming, camaraderie, and spectacle!


Volunteer at RinCon: We need logistical help prior to the convention, contact us to talk about how to get involved and get a free or reduced-cost membership. Volunteer for 4 hours at the event, and the rest of that day you get in free.

Submit to run an event to our schedule: This will be open from 5/19/2018 (our first fundraiser game day) and 9/1/2018. People running games can get a discounted admission by submitting games before 8/1/2018.

Pre-Registration will open June 23rd at our second fundraiser game day.

The schedule will be available on-line starting July 21st.

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